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Car cold door knowledge, do you know a few?

Nowadays more and more cars are being built, and the speed of updating is also very fast. The car 20 years ago is completely different from today's car. From many details, we can feel the changes of the times. There are still many unpopular knowledge of cars. I don't know much about it. Today, I have a few car unpopular knowledge. As the car is updated, many functions have changed. Don't you know that? bumper

Car cold door knowledge, do you know a few?

The bumper is plastic. When it comes to bumpers, many car owners think that this device is designed to protect the safety of passengers in the car. When they hear that it is made of plastic, it will inevitably feel that the car is a bit tricky when it is produced. In fact, this is not true. of. In the actual use process, the bumper actually only plays a role in covering the body, but also slightly blocks some collisions. If the bumper is designed to be too hard, it will cause serious damage to pedestrians when it hits a pedestrian, so this design is also designed to reduce the damage to pedestrians in the collision.

Car cold door knowledge, do you know a few?

The steering wheel is not round. Many people may feel a little difficult to understand, how can the steering wheel not be round? In fact, it is designed to be non-circular to ensure the safety of the driver. The non-central steering wheel shaft is hidden in the steering wheel, which can make the driver's seat have a certain distance from the steering wheel, so that the leg can have a certain degree. The activity space allows the driver to maintain a certain level of comfort while driving.

Car cold door knowledge, do you know a few?

seat belt. The car's seat belt is known as the life belt. It has a very special function. When the road is up and down, its seat belt will be locked. If you drive at normal speed, the seat belt can't be opened. Unless the very large traction is encountered, the seat belt can be opened under the traction force.

Why is glass water blue? A lot of glass water is blue, why? Of course, some glass water is red, so why is it not transparent? In fact, think carefully, the liquids used on the car are all brighter colors. There is also the coolant is mostly green, the oil in the gearbox is bright red, the brake oil and the oil are yellow, which is actually a warning, telling everyone that this is toxic, can not eat.

Why is there only one rear fog light? Some friends may not know that there is only one fog lamp behind them. I know that it is estimated that there will be such a question. For the fog lamp, there are only two fog lights. Note that this is not the factory to cut corners, only one of the rear fog lights is in full compliance with laws and regulations. Because the rear of the car is in addition to the turn signal. The brake light also has a reversing light. The reversing light is designed on the right side and there is only one. The rear fog light is also designed to be separated from the reversing light and placed on the left side.