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Car maintenance general knowledge, this 10 most easily ignored! (1)

Today is about the car maintenance of the most neglected ten points, remember collection!Tortoise pie thinks the owner can divide two kinds, one kind regards the car as the wife, very caresses.One is simply a modern automobile, which is washed when dirty, and repaired when broken.

In fact, the tortoise pie thinks that neither of the two ways to treat the car is very good, the car needs to be maintained, but also afraid of excessive maintenance.Today, turtle pie tidied up some maintenance errors.Many private car owners like to wash their cars in the hot sun, thinking that they will soon be able to dry their bodies.Be wrong actually, wash a car under the scorching sun, the convex lens effect that water drop place forms can make car paint the topmost layer produces local high temperature phenomenon, time is long, car paint can lose burnish.If waxing at this time, also easy to cause the color of the body uneven.So, wash car to be waxed had better be to undertake below the condition that has shade, if cannot assure, had better choose in cloudy day or the morning of sunny day, evening time undertakes, car owner should understand the following correct maintain common sense.Washing the car is like taking a bath -- it kills air conditioningAs temperatures rise, dust increases and the car gets dirty, car owners are starting to wash their cars more often, and many want to wash their cars as thoroughly as if they were bathing themselves.However, it is important to keep the appearance of the air conditioner dry. If the air conditioner gets wet carelessly, it will affect the life of the air conditioner.