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Car maintenance general knowledge, this 10 most easily ignored! (2)

Imported tires -- not applicableSome people buy tires with a special emphasis on "imports."One of the most fatal defects for domestic users of new tires from abroad is that they don't work.There is a big difference between the smooth road in Europe and the road condition of Beijing's second and third ring roads. It is difficult for the tires suitable for European road conditions to have a good performance in Beijing, especially the impact resistance of the side of the tire is obviously not acclimated, just like the Italian famous brand shoes walking along the gravel road, the side of the tire is inevitable.After the joint production of tires of some foreign brands in China, a layer of curtain fabric is added on the side of tires according to the domestic road conditions, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the side of tires. In terms of performance, the joint production of tires can completely replace imported ones.