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Car maintenance general knowledge, this 10 most easily ignored! (6)

Cooling water temperature is too low - wear down the engineWhen the weather is hot, some drivers insist that the temperature of cooling water should be as low as possible to prevent the engine from being too hot.In order to achieve the purpose of cooling down, some drivers simply remove the thermostat, these practices are wrong.Automobile engines are both afraid of heat and cold. If the temperature of cooling water is too low, fuel combustion will deteriorate, fuel consumption will increase, aggravating wear and tear, engine oil viscosity will increase, and engine power will decrease.The test shows that when the temperature of cooling water is 40-50 degrees Celsius, the engine wear increases by 60-80%, the power decreases by 25%, and the fuel consumption increases by 8-10%.Therefore, the temperature of the cooling water of the engine is not as low as possible, but should be controlled between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius.