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The six unpopular knowledge of the car, I have heard all the 24k old drivers

Many people are self-proclaimed and old drivers, saying that they can talk about the name and series of each car, know the displacement of each car, and know how to fight with 4s. However, there is still a lot of cold knowledge in the automotive field, not to mention you, even these old drivers may not know.

1. Why is glass water not transparent?

We all know that glass water for cars is usually blue or green, but most people don't know why glass water has color.

In fact, glass water is mainly composed of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, corrosive agents and other surfactants. That is to say, glass water contains many kinds of chemical additives, so glass water is toxic! The glass water is produced into a colored liquid, which is also to distinguish it from other liquids, reminding everyone that the glass water is toxic.

2. Why is there a line on the outside of the car rearview mirror?

Didn't notice it, there is a line on the outside of the car's rearview mirror, and many people think it was accidentally touched. In fact, this line is designed to expand the field of view when driving, narrow the blind spot of vision, and provide certain safety assistance to the driver when they line, turn, and observe the rear of the vehicle.

3. Is the mobile phone placed in the air outlet?

During the trip, the owners usually put the mobile phone in the air conditioner outlet through the car phone holder, which is convenient for the driver friend to see the navigation system. However, when placing the mobile phone at the air outlet, the electric king suggested turning off the air outlet. Especially in the summer, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is too great. After getting off the phone, the mobile phone will accumulate water vapor in the machine because it is too cold and suddenly heated, which will cause corrosion to the internal structure of the mobile phone.

4. Is the airbag long?

According to the normal logic, the design life of the airbag should be the same as the service life of the whole vehicle. However, the actual situation is that the airbag cannot be used normally after 10 years of use. Therefore, every time the vehicle travels 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, it should go to the 4S shop to check the airbag and its accessories. It can also ask the 4S shop to check the airbag when the 4S shop is performing maintenance.

5, the highway is not the first to give the car

I believe that everyone thinks that the original intention of the construction of the expressway is to use the car. In fact, it is a big mistake. The existence of the expressway was not used for cars at the earliest, but was used as an airstrip. Highways in many countries were built to facilitate the takeoff and landing of warplanes during wartime.

6. Why is the accelerator pedal lower than the brake pedal?

Whether it is a manual or automatic transmission, the position of the brake pedal is generally higher than the accelerator pedal. In fact, this is mainly to increase the recognition of the two, to avoid the danger of the brake as a throttle, then why is the brake higher than the throttle? It is popular to explain that the owners of the trains have to put their feet on the accelerator pedal for a longer period of time. If they are particularly tall, the legs and feet will be sour for a long time.

to sum up:

how about it? Seeing these is not an eye-opener. You know, these unpopular knowledge people really don't care. If you have heard of it, you all know that the electric king is not satisfied with the water, you will serve you!