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These cars have cold knowledge, knowing that even 3 are the gods of the automotive industry


You can show off the skilled car operation every day;

You can show off the name of each car;

You can show off the amount of displacement you know about each model;


You may still not know the cold knowledge of these cars!

Thunderstorm can't cheer

If it happens that thunderstorms, your car has no oil, then you can only pray for thunderstorms to hurry past!

Because it is refueling under thunderstorm conditions, the fuel gun can easily introduce stray current into the car fuel tank.

As a result, the molecular motion of unstable gasoline is intensified, which is likely to cause safety hazards such as fire and explosion.

The left side door cannot get off

According to the regulations, passengers on the motor vehicle lane must not get on or off the left side of the motor vehicle.

This is because when parking on the right, the passengers are prevented from getting off because there is a blind spot on the left line of sight.

The resulting tragedy caused the traffic to and from the vehicle when the door was opened.

The wiring length of a car exceeds 900 meters

Just like the length of a blood vessel in a human body,

Regardless of the size of a car, its wiring length is equally unimaginable.

The wiring connects the electrical equipment and computer monitoring equipment in various parts of the car.

And when you operate a simple electrical device switch, the trigger signal will be nearly 900 meters in the car.

Does it feel amazing?

The highway is built for the runway of the plane.

In 1932, the first expressway was built in Germany (Cologne to Bonn line).

When Hitler ordered the construction of the highway, he pointed out that

The highway should allow the army to cross the country in one day.

Need to have a width of 34 meters, the cement column is equipped with a reflector, the slope of the road should be small, and the turning radius should be as large as possible.

In addition to the convenience of transportation, this provides the necessary conditions for the take-off and landing of warplanes.

Cars are the highest recycling rate

After all the precision machinery is built, after the service life is completed,

The price of their parts is often higher than the product itself, as is the car.

The scrapped car will be completely dismantled according to the structure.

Aluminum parts will be processed and recycled, and thermoplastic parts can be recycled and processed into recycled plastic.

The power/transmission components will flow to the second-hand accessories market.

The recycling rate is extremely high.

Why are the throttle and brakes not on one side?

The car was originally designed to use manual gear.

The left foot is used to control the clutch and the right foot controls the throttle and brake.

But now the automatic car is getting more and more, the throttle and the brakes are put together.

The purpose of this design is more to continue people's driving habits.

There is another important reason,

That is to hope that the driver can choose between the brakes and the throttle.

The right foot is not stepping on the gas pedal, so you have to put it on the brakes and prepare for the emergency that may occur.

Therefore, controlling the brakes and throttle at the same time with the right foot is undoubtedly the most scientific setting.

Why are the left and right exterior mirrors of the car different in size?

Many people think that the rear and rear mirrors on the left and right sides of the car are the same size. This is not the case.

As a left-hand drive car, the left rear view mirror is relatively larger.

Because the mirrors of the exterior mirrors are convex mirrors, the mirror on the driver's side is large and the curvature is small.

The mirror on the other side is small, but the curvature is large.

In this way, the left and right sides of the driver's view can be basically consistent, which makes it easier to observe the situation after driving.

How long does it take to drive after drinking?

Usually, you can reach the standard of drunk driving by drinking a bottle of beer or about 12 degrees of red wine or half a pair of 50 degrees white wine.

The body generally has a metabolic rate of 10 to 15 grams per hour.

So, drink a bottle of beer or half a bottle of white wine, it is best to wait 10 hours before driving.

Drink 2 bottles of beer or low-alcohol 3, preferably after a day.

If you drink more wine and have a higher degree, you have to take a longer time to drive.

How long is the life of a car airbag?

In theory, the airbag of a car should be consistent with the service life of the vehicle.

But the actual life of airbags is not that long.

If the airbag does not detonate or replace after 8-10 years, its quality is difficult to guarantee.

The indicator light of the general airbag does not stop flashing or is constantly lit during the start or running of the vehicle.

It means that the airbag has failed, and it needs to be checked and replaced in 4S shop in time.

Other than that, you should not know:

The first imported Mercedes-Benz in China was also the first imported car, which was given to the Empress Dowager Cixi by foreigners.

The biggest role of the car's tail is to play handsome, because the super-running of the rear spoiler, the drag coefficient is higher than some SUV.

The earliest traffic lights appeared in the United Kingdom in 1868. The purpose of the construction was mainly to prevent accidents in which carriages collide and harm pedestrians.

An average of 30,000 parts per car

The probability of death in a car accident is about one in five thousand

90% of the drivers like to sing while driving, are you shot?