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Knowledge About Learning To Repair A Depression

 Depression repair the initial practice is very important, the tool does not mean that can be taken over to repair the depression. Many years of sheet metal masters probably have to pondering for a while, I do not know I do not know, wood is not impervious. Technology is a window paper, as long as the heart to see, exercise mind a little more flexibility. It is okay to repair a small depression of less than 5 cm in a week or so, so practicing 3-4 hours a day is indispensable. The main purpose of the training exercise is (find), what is to find. Place 3-4 points on the top with the carbon-based pen (on the cover of the machine that you have prepared and the shelf is fastened). Tools with a diameter of 10 millimeters in length about 80 centimeters around the pointed tool, find a fulcrum below the hanging chain. Use the left hand to hold the chain into the buckle (the left hand holds the chain and the tool bar to prevent misalignment or displacement) The fulcrum position is one-third of the tip of the tool so that the right-handed tool saves effort , Fulcrum close to the handle too close without leverage on the pressure does not move. Right hand press the tool handle, the eyes watch the top of the machine cover you will see the light shaking, eye level adjustment will see the lamp direct light will become wider and narrower. Careful observation you will see the specific location of the top of the tool, to see if you can point to the top of that point, perhaps not on time, maybe not one day. Do not worry slowly. Eye adaptation is important. When you see the exact location of your top. You want to top is the first point, after moving to the top on the 2nd point. The entire operation of the eyes Do not look at the machine under the lid of the tool in what position, looked at your help is not big. For example, hollow repair like we talk to play the same keyboard, do not look at the keyboard to know which letter to play. And very skilled. Depression repair also need such a process, but do not have to recite the keyboard song, it seems the sunken repair than to learn computer typing is much simpler. Learning depression repair more dull, in practice is a cold iron plate and cold light from the cold light there is below the iron bar is not like talking on the computer is a living person. Not as attractive as computer typing. If you chat every day to be able to come to money, it is best not to do depression complex, depression repair is only available to those who have the patience to have the brain.

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