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Dent Removal PDR LED Lamp

Dent Removal PDR LED Lamp

Brand Name: Super PDR
Item No.: PDR-Z-X-009
Application: Car dent repair

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High Quality PDR LED Lamp Reflector BoardAuto Repair Kit Removing Dents Dent Repair Aluminum Board Dent Removal 

11PC LED Aluminium Alloy   Reflector board ( could not be charged )
2 1PC small red tool bag 
31PC New gloden dent lifter   ( with Super PDR logo )
41PC blue glue gun 
51PC White vehicle-charging   glue gun
61PC Blue big rectangle pump   wedge with Super PDR logo
75pcs blue plastic tab 
84pcs yellow plastic tab
99pcs black plastic tab 
1010pcs red plastic tab 
1110PCS yellow glue stick 
121PC  Silver Aluminium Alloy   pulling bridge
131PC empty alochol bottle
14 5PCS white plastic tap down pen 
151PC rubber hammer
161PC luminium Alloy tap down   hammer
171PC small red T puller
185PCS mental tap down pen 
191PC yellow scraper 
201PC 2 in 1 silder hammer 
21 1PC cloth 

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