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Super PDR U shaped Air Pump Wedge

Brand Name :Super PDR
Model Number :PDR-M78
Type : Auto Locksmith Tool

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Super PDR Locksmith Supplies New Design U shaped Air Pump Wedge 

Product Description : 

Name :U shaped AirbagType :Locksmith Tools
Model :H-065
Color :Blue
Material :TPU &Oxford Fabric Size :22.8x14cm 
Interior Pressure 0.26MPAFeacture :Waterproof
Usage :Opening Doors Function :Lifting Heavy Things

 Brand New

Inflatable air wedge replaces the need for wooden shims and plastic wedges in window, door and cabinet installations

l    Aligns and levels household appliances and furniture

l    Air wedge doesn't leave marks

l     Inflatable air cushion made of fiber reinforced material that is durable yet non-marking

l    Rapid inflation and deflation

Product Images:



Feature : 

  1. Adjustable rang 2mm-50mm

  2. Loading 100KG

  3. Avoid scratching 

  4. Don't need other chocks 

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