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Super PDR Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit

Brand : Super PDR
Model : PDR-M-028
Application : Repair Auto Dents

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Super PDR  Professional Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit For Workshop Repair Hail Dents Best Selling In Mid-East Market 

Main Product play a role on repairing : 

  1. Slide hammer 

  2. Pulling bridge 

  3. Mini dent lifter /small red T-bar

  4. PDR LED Lamp 

How to use these tools for repairing ?

1.Clean the dent with wet rag , and mark it with marking pen.

2.Insert the glue stick into the glue gun and charge it by 3-5 minutes .

3.Select the proper tap to use according to the area of the dent. (the bigger the tab is, the stronger the traction force get.)

4.Apply the hot melt glue on the tab evenly with the glue gun . 

5.Quickly put the tab on the dent and press it until it is fastened on the dent .(It may need 3-5 minutes before you could pull it .)

6.Buckle the tap with the bottom of the T puller .

7.Then hold its handle to impact up gradually until its surface is flatted. 

8.After repair, spray the alcohol on the residual glue and then clean it up with the scraper .

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