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Super PDR Glue Puller Dent Repair Tool

Brand: Superpdr
Application: Car Body Dent Repair
Model: PDR-L-035

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Product description

Package list:

1*dent puller

 1*pulling bridge

1*glue gun

 5*glue sticks

18*glue tabs

1*rubber hammer

1*yellow scraper

1 set tab down pen


Main advantage:

1 Low maintenance cost.

2 High repair efficiency.

3 No any damage to your car


First step

Choose the tab that matches the sharp and size of dent, align the hot glue on the glue tabs, remember to start from center of tab with circle from inside to outside, make sure the glue full on the tabs.


Second step

Align the tabs on the center of the dent and quick press, buckle the tab with the bottom of the T puller, hold the handle to impact up gradually until its surface is flatted.


Repair effect

 After repair, spray the alcohol on the glue, clean it with the scraper.

Details image 

What about us:   

             We are Super PDR brand, from 2012 year to now, we are in this area for about 6years, also we are the first PDR tools creator, we have Ebay , Amason, Aliexpress , Alibaba stores, maybe you could check our website for any one of them, we are the NO. one in the market, 

             If you are interested, or you have an ability to be our agent, we will be very welcoming you, and will provide all support we can, 

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