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Super PDR Auto Body Repair Tool

Brand: Superpdr
Application: Car Body Dent Repair
Model: PDR-L-014

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Product Packing List :

1 pcs reflector Board, 1 pcs golden dent lifter,1 pcs slide hammer

1 pcs blue glue gun, 12 pcs glue sticks, 15 pcs blue glue tabs

9 pcs black glue tabs, 10 pcs red glue tabs, 8 pcs yellow glue tabs
6 pcs metal tabs, 1 pcs rubber hammer, 4pcs glue tap down pen
1 pcs Super PDR wedge pump, 1 pcs yellow scraper
1 pcs empty bottle for alcohol, 1 pcs cleaning cloth
1pcs instruction, 1 pcs tool bag 


Our tools feature: 

1), time & labor saving, girls can do it by themselves,

2), lower maintenance cost with high efficiency,

3), high quality, various designs,

PK34-CS-CW-X (4).jpg

Product show

PK34-CS-CW-X (4).jpg


Dent lifter


Dent puller


Gue gun

Operation details


1. Apply the hot metal glue on the glue tabs, before this, pre-hot the glue about 15mins at least.


2. Choose proper Glue Puller,  Immediately place tabs in the center of the dent,

let the glue cool for about 8 minutes. use a dent lifter or T-bar to align and press the puller to pull up the dent.


3. After serval times, if there is dent up, use the hammer & pen to flat down if necessary.

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